Our Story

We are a step-mom & daughter team, but who are we kidding? She is the Lorelai to my Rory and I'm the ketchup to her everything. 

The Petal Post was born after accepting to do a family wedding on a budget and a year of prayer.

We easily agreed to coordinate and design the wedding of our niece/cousin because that's what family does, right? Ha! All weekend and wedding night we were basically running around with our heads cut off, but you know what? We had the best time and came out on the other side really finding a passion for floral. Our relationship has always been very close, but doing a wedding together made us realize we could actually run a business together! And viola, a fire was started! 

The thought of a floral business was on our minds on and off for about a year after that night. Our family had our backs and we were ready to dive in and then life happened and we got caught up in it. Rightfully so. But finally we stopped fighting the urge and just jumped in! The Petal Post was born over a delicious round of chips and queso and we haven't looked back sense! 

We would love to join you in celebrating your big day!